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Courier Mapping Screen

Google Maps tracking for couriers

NetCourier now comes standard with integrated google maps tracking for each and every shipment. Give your customers peace of mind in the form of online mapping showing the exact location of their delivery. Customers can now view map tracking online in the NetCourier customer portal, reducing incoming calls querying their delivery status.

  • NetCourier maps uses different colour pins to tell you the status of a delivery.
  • NetCourier tracking uses the GPS location of each driver to sync the map location of the delivery online.
  • Your customers can see the live delivery location of each delivery
  • Map pins show collection location, delivery location, and live vehicle tracking



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Courier Mapping Screen

Visibility for customers


  • Maps tracking embedded into online customer tracking screens
  • Added peace of mind for customers
  • Controllers can see all collections, drivers and deliveries on the map
  • Clear colour codes for job status
Colourful Mapping Page Pins

Colourful pins show clear status online

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Visibility for controllers


  • See all your drivers on the road
  • Colours tell you what work is still outstanding
  • Make decisions based on visual information about drivers locations
  • Assign collections to the closest drivers
Mapping Screen

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