Sameday Courier Software

The complete solution for specialist and multi-service couriers

Metafour have developed a truly multi-service software package. Whether interested in sameday delivery software, overnight, international, or a combination of all three, we have the solution for you. Don’t pay for more systems than you need.


  • One system for ‘Multi-Service’ couriers
  • Save money by consolidating sameday, overnight and international systems
  • Mileage-based pricing
  • Offer your customers a choice of vehicle types
  • Fast job allocation for controllers
  • Fleet mapping with Google Traffic overlay
  • Integrated mobile app with GPS
  • Easy driver payments
Courier Mapping Software

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Fleet mapping tools for sameday courier bookings
The sameday controller functionality has been designed in conjunction with experienced controllers, with the aim to make it as user-friendly as possible. The fleet mapping feature offers maximum visibility of your vehicles on the road. Drivers using our mobile application with GPS enabled will show on the map, where an integrated Google Traffic overlay provides live congestion updates. These tools now mean bookings can be easily allocated based on distance and traffic flows.

Same Day Courier Software

  • Real-time fleet view
  • Colour-coded pins show job statuses at a glance
  • View up-to-date traffic conditions
  • Jobs can be assigned and edited using keyboard hotkeys
  • Automatically assign jobs to the closest suitable driver
  • Click the mapping pins for a quick view of all job details
Dedicated sameday booking screen

Offer your customers a selection of sameday delivery options through our dedicated booking screen. With its mileage-based pricing, the Google Maps API will gauge the shortest distance for the journey and then calculate the costs. The booking screen also allows users to select multiple vehicle types, including bike, van, dedicated, and special, depending upon your company’s needs.

Same-Day Courier Software

  • Offer sameday, overnight, and international delivery options from one easy-to-use screen
  • Problem packages, specials, and pre-booked jobs can be highlighted
  • Maximise accuracy, speed and reliability
  • Create a unique docket number for every delivery
  • Scan third party labels
Integrated app for your workforce on the road
The handy driver application has a GPS integration so you will know where your fleet is at all times. Drivers can use the app to scan barcodes on collection, including third party labels, and capture photographic PODs. The app will even allow drivers to quickly accept or reject jobs on the road, as well as immediately updating tracking milestones.

Courier app on mobile phone

  • Assign jobs to drivers in the field
  • Drivers can accept or reject jobs directly via the app
  • Photographic or other forms of POD can easily be captured via smartphone or PDA
  • Drivers can scan and record tracking at every stage
  • Sync PODs and tracking events with the controller instantly
  • All tracking details are immediately available to customers online

Read further information on the NetCourier driver app.

Driver payments and reporting made easy

Once the job has been delivered and the POD has been captured, it is then marked as complete. Invoicing these deliveries has been made as simple as possible, and can be modified to fit the needs of your business. Customisable templates can be used to create statements that are automatically or manually emailed to the relevant people, and these can be made either to a set time frame or on demand.

Courier Reporting Tools

  • Easily reconcile jobs and pay drivers
  • Pay on a cost tariff, or as a percentage of sale prices
  • Custom-made template options
  • Fully-integrated reporting tools
  • See data on P&L and company performance

Read further information on the NetCourier reporting tool.

“We are pleased with our association with Metafour, and the strength of the on-going partnership that continues to produce results.” James Timberlake

Head of Marketing, The DX Group

“Metafour continually listen to our demands and develop the enhancements that allow us to keep improving our product and services in today’s marketplace.” Lisa McManus

Director, Nexus International Logistics

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