DX Case Study

DX Case Study

“We are pleased with our association with Metafour, and the strength of the on-going partnership that continues to produce results.”

James Timberlake, Head of Marketing, DX



DX is a leading independent logistics and parcel distribution company operating throughout the UK & Ireland.  Renowned for offering high levels of reliability, security and service, DX is relied on by both public and private sector organisations.  DX provide proven next day delivery services for mail and parcels to business and residential addresses nationwide.

As the specialist provider of customer-driven solutions for the delivery of time sensitive, mission critical and high value deliveries, DX routinely handles goods from many high street retailers and etailers and a wide range of items from many industry sectors including legal papers, jewellery, optical lenses, pharmacy items and high street fashion.  DX is the preferred provider of the UK Government and foreign embassies for identity documents and visas.

The Problem:

In 2008, DX asked Metafour to help them replace their existing Client Kit software. Client Kit was a system used by customers of DX’s Courier service allowing customers to enter details of a courier job, print a label for an item, and transmit data to DX for billing and retrieve tracking information about their shipments on a regular basis. However as the software was installed locally on user PCs, it was extremely difficult to support and maintain. In addition, as the hardware aged, a number of PCs developed reliability issues and the transmission of billing data back to DX was not always reliable which resulted in lost revenue for DX.  DX handle a huge volume of courier business on a daily basis and need customer-facing software that offers a high level of advanced functionality to manage that business reliably, accurately and efficiently.

DX required the following:

  • A replacement for their existing courier software, providing high level functionality making use of modern Internet technology.
  • A web based system which would be easier to maintain and upgrade.
  • Totally reliable transmission of customer’s consignment data to billing systems to ensure all revenue was claimed
  • A new client interface providing a clearer, smoother client experience.
  • An improved system for labelling and transmitting job information for courier tracking.
  • The ability to introduce new services and products easily and seamlessly.
  • A system that allows customers to retrieve real-time courier tracking information, and to generate their own reports.
  • A courier software system with comprehensive support and maintenance.

Metafour’s solution:

  • We customised our Client Online courier software to create DX Despatch. Powered by NetCourier, this courier software is cloud based and delivered through a standard Internet browser to provide DX’s customers with a more efficient and smoother running user experience. Job and user information can now be entered easily to enable the job to be carried out in the most efficient way possible.
  • This courier software provides DX with one central system which can easily be remotely maintained and updated by DX, with the ability to introduce new products and services as required by the business.
  • Data entered by customers produces a label for the item, and is sent to NetCourier for onward transmission to DX for billing. Tracking information is retrieved from DX and made available to customers through DX Despatch.
  • Parcel Logging software was also installed. This new courier software allows platform weighing scales in DX’s depots to be connected to NetCourier via the Internet using specially developed software. Parcel Logging weighs and obtains details of items collected from DX Exchanges and labels them for onward delivery, while recording and transmitting the information for billing.
  • Our courier software, in conjunction with DX Despatch helps DX to be certain that it has systems in place that ensure every transaction is properly billed to the customer and that nothing is missed.
  • NetCourier is delivered will full training. Metafour offer support, maintenance and development as a service. An example is the Parcel Logging application which was bespoke software developed at the client’s request.


Since replacing their existing software with DX Despatch, DX has improved its operation and can now offer their customers a better more efficient service. Our courier software has helped DX maintain their place among the leaders in the courier logistics industry.

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