Shipping API

Easily integrate into the core NetCourier system

Shipping API

NetCourier Shipping API

NetCourier’s new API unlocks a range of options and allows for easier collaboration between NetCourier and partner software solutions. The NetCourier API allows users to develop an IT infrastructure with NetCourier at its core, easily sending data into the NetCourier order management system from a range of third party platforms for a seamless supply chain.

  • Create a central, seamless supply chain by integrating multiple solutions into one central system
  • Create rules that allow the system to place the order with the best carrier for the type of consignment
  • NetCourier can integrate to eCommerce platforms, and WMS and storage systems for fulfillment.
  • 2 way API means that NetCourier can receive data, but also send back tracking


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Connect to Carriers

Pass on retail delivery work to selected carriers through our wide range of carrier integrations. With NetCourier’s carrier comparison tools, lets users compare shipping options to get the best service every time. Compare rates across all suppliers and service types, and get back accurate pricing and delivery times instantly.

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NetCourier fulfilment software is designed to accept data from third party applications. NetCourier has a range of standard formats to accept job data from popular e-commerce platforms. Connect your retail customers to NetCourier and automate the retail supply chain today.
Couier Fulfilment Software

NetCourier Fulfilment Software

NetCourier fulfilment software is a single point of integration for ecommerce platforms, WMS, carriers and order management
provides courier companies a platform which allows them to offer their retail customers a multi-carrier shipping delivery management software platform

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