Logistics reporting for every aspect of your business

DataSense, the integrated reporting tool for mailroom logistics. 

Create over 22 million reports with DataSense.


  • Leverage your relationships with suppliers with better awareness of your usage
  • Improve the products and services you offer with a better understanding of customer behaviour
  • Present performance data on key business areas and win the right customers
  • Identify customer usage trends so you can sell the right products at the right time
  • Track staff productivity and service levels over time to help you improve your service
  • Identify historical seasonal trends to help you anticipate the future

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Inbound Mailroom

The Inbound mailroom solution

Corporate Mailroom

NetCourier Mailroom software is designed to track Inbound and outbound items, as well as internal logistics between buildings or departments.

Outbound Mailroom

The complete outbound mailroom solution

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