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NetCourier mailroom software is used to monitor the flow of parcel traffic in and out of any busy organisation. NetCourier can be used to track Inbound and outbound items, as well as internal logistics between buildings or departments. Deliver immediate and lasting value by automating manual processes and eliminating the loss of important items.


  • Create an accurate audit trail
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Greater shipping transparency
  • Removes delivery bottlenecks
  • Speeds query resolution

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Inbound Mailroom

Provide complete visibility on your mailroom processes, track all your deliveries internally and show clear proof of delivery. NetCourier Mailroom Inbound is the ideal solution to manage all internal deliveries.

Outbound Mailroom

Outbound Mailroom

Connect seamlessly to major carriers, book direct and receive tracking back to one system. Your tenants can book direct, label and track all their packages through NetCourier Mailrooms’ client portal.

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