Inbound Mailroom

Control the flow of all incoming items

Inbound Mailroom Sotfware

Inbound Mailroom Software

NetCourier Mailroom is the complete post room software solution, giving you the complete visibility on all packages entering the building. Record all information and create an accurate audit trail of all deliveries entering the building or organisation at all times.


  • Produce a unique label for each delivery
  • Create a secure audit trail on all inbound mail
  • Track each inbound delivery from arrival to desk
  • Report on delivery service levels
  • Visual reporting for top view on all inbound mail

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DataSense Reporting Tool


DataSense reporting tool will help you keep track of your teams’ performance, reporting effortlessly on every aspect of the system from the number of jobs processed down to individual performance.

Mailroom Messenger App

Messenger App

The messenger app for NetCourier Mailroom gives your messengers complete visibility and access to delivery information on the move. View jobs, apply tracking and collect POD’s on the move with MetApp.
Mailroom Tracking Portal

Tracking Portal

NetCourier Mailroom provides a highly customisable and brandable tracking portal, giving your tenants complete visibility of their deliveries and providing all delivery information in one convenient location.
Corporate Mailroom System

Advantages of NetCourier Mailroom

Our fully supported corporate mailroom systems are used by corporations throughout the world, across a range of industry sectors, including media, publishing, banking, legal and more.


  • Create a secure audit trail
  • Automate manual processes and eliminate administrative errors.
  • Analyse and improve service levels
  • Remove delivery bottlenecks
  • Speed up query resolution

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