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Metapp mobile solution for NetCourier Mailroom

Metapp helps you track all your deliveries and capture proof of delivery using smartphones or rugged handhelds. Create a clear audit trail from start to finish ensuring all items are accounted for, and share tracking with your tenants in real time.


  • Assign deliveries or collections to messengers on the go
  • Messengers can accept or reject jobs
  • Messengers can scan and record tracking at every stage
  • Sync PODs and tracking events with the controller instantly
  • Collect POD’s as a signature, photo or ID card scan
  • Tenants can track their delivery online in real time
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Use Metapp on your own smartphone

Use Metapp on your own Android or Apple smartphone as a cost effective alternative to expensive PDA handsets. Or use of our NetCourier compatible rugged devices.

  • Affordable mobile scanning
  • Assign jobs to your messengers
  • Touch screen POD capture
  • Stores data when offline ensuring it is never lost

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The ideal consolidation and routing application for tracking multiple layers of items within items.

Metabox is a multi-piece tracking and consolidation app. Perfect for warehousing to reduce miss routes, group and apply bulk tracking. Metabox will help reduce errors and also provide tracking for all your deliveries.

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