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Consolidated booking and tracking

Mailroom Software Portal

NetCourier Mailrooms Tenant Portal

Give your tenants the best job entry and courier management system on the market. Our industry-leading customer portal is an effective point of contact between you and your customers. Get quotes, book jobs online and access a wide range of other services tailored to their specific needs. Compare shipping options across all suppliers to get the best service every time.


  • Get quotes
  • Book jobs
  • Organise distribution lists
  • View tracking and status reports
  • Manage address books

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Customisable and fully branded

The Tenant Portal contains a host of options to make booking and tracking as simple or as detailed as you like.


  • Brand and colour your portal
  • Decide what options are available and to whom
  • A range of Validation options
  • Colour blind and visually impaired friendly
Customisable Mailroom Software
Mailroom Mobile App

Reduce Costs

As well as being attractive and easy to use the NetCourier Mailrooms tenant portal contains a range of features to help you save money.


  • Compare prices against services
  • Least cost route your deliveries
  • Decide which options appear to different departments or individuals

Save Time

  • Tennents are more likely to book online with a modern client portal, last year we saw online throughput grow by over 60%.
  • With all tracking and invoicing in one place reduce the number of calls to your team
  • Show clear picture proof of delivery

Provide a Better Service

  • Give tenants the ability to create their own reports
  • Tenants can track their drivers on a map in real time (depending on supplier)
  • View photo or signature PODs
Outbound Mailroom Software

Outbound Mailroom

Connect seamlessly to major carriers, book direct and receive tracking back to one system. Your tenants can book direct, label and track all their packages through NetCourier Mailrooms’ client portal.
Mailroom Carrier Integrations

Carrier Integrations

Connect your mailroom system to a large range of carrier, booking direct and receiving all tracking in one consolidated location.
Mailroom Label Printing

Label Printing

Be able to print all your carriers labels from one system! NetCourier Mailroom will also be configured with your own label temples, for internal and inter office use.

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