The NetCourier experience, taken even further.  V7 is the intuitive, advanced, intelligent and secure courier management system.

NetCourier V7 delivers refinements at every level. From the speed of accessing data, to the foundation of the system. V7 will be rolled out as a part of NetCourier’s regular upgrade cycle, NetCourier users benefit from regular upgrades every 6 weeks which include new and improved features.

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V7 Includes:

  • Fully integrated reporting: V7 comes with new NetCourier DataSense, an integrated visual reporting tool designed for logistics.
  • Increased operating speed: Searching new addresses is now 100% faster with V7.
  • Learning to fit the way you work: Teach NetCourier new import formats to improve efficiency.
  • Improving customer experience: V7 includes NetCourier Customer Portal, the leading online customer booking Portal.
  • Improved multi-tasking:  V7 allows you to continue working on other things while it completes complex tasks.
  • Google maps integration: V7 comes with an integration to Google maps for route planning and distance based pricing.