Customer Expectations in Delivery Services

With the delivery market growing and changing, it’s proving to be challenging to satisfy customer needs and compete in the market at the same time. Customers have very high expectations and so, providing services that live up to their standards is very difficult. Marie Le Page, UK CEO of Living Packet says, “Until recently, customers had to ‘hope and pray’ that their parcel arrived on time and at the correct destination; fearing that their parcel could be lost or damaged. Customers have become less tolerant of not having this control’’ (1).

Because technology is developing so rapidly, e-Commerce is becoming more and more appealing. According to Cydney Hatch from ‘disruptive advertising’, 4 in 10 purchases are now done with only an online channel for searching and buying (2). Gaining customers trust by communicating with them is vital in the development of competitiveness, especially in e-Commerce. Efficiency in the overall delivery process and accuracy in tracking information works alongside transparency to deliver the best possible service for your customers.

What Can You Do?

So how can we increase our customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge? Gary O’Connor, CTO of Doddle, says that there are three key questions that customers need answers to regarding visibility through the delivery process. They are ‘’Where’s my parcel?”, “When will I receive it?” and “if the delivery promise can’t be kept, why is this, and what are the new conditions of that delivery?” (1).

Clear, easy-to-use tracking is crucial in keeping customers peace of mind. It not only allows them to see where their parcel is, it also serves as a platform for communication between you and your customers- assisting in the development of a relationship.

We all know that mistakes happen, however the recovery of these mistakes can provide a platform for you to present the professionalism of your business. Charlie Shiels, CEO of Arrow XL says that admitting to mistakes and recovering from them ‘’provides the customer with trust in the brand… excellent recovery can often be seen more favourably than a right first-time delivery’’ (1).

Metafour Are Here To Help

Metafour’s NetCourier Customer Portal is an effective point of contact between you and your customers. Customers are able to get quotes for different services, book jobs online and access a wide range of other services tailored to their specific needs. Most importantly, they are able to view shipping options across suppliers to get the best service every time.

The Client Portal provides a central point of visibility, allowing for you to track all your deliveries. Tracking information is shared with your customers in real time- a great way to deliver full visibility. NetCourier ultimately answers the key questions your customers need answered.