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Introducing DataSense, The integrated reporting tools designed for Courier and Logistics organisations. 

Consider the benefits of using all the data in your courier management system to pass on value to your customers. Our granular reporting tools provide insights into key business areas, giving you the information you need to make accurate decisions and maximise your profits on every delivery.


The first fully integrated reporting for Courier and Logistics. Create over 22 million reports with NetCourier DataSense. 

  • Leverage your relationships with suppliers with better awareness of your usage
  • Improve the products and services you offer with a better understanding of customer behaviour
  • Present performance data on key business areas and win the right customers
  • Identify customer usage trends so you can sell the right products at the right time
  • Track staff productivity and service levels over time to help you improve your service
  • Identify historical seasonal trends to help you anticipate the future
  • Report on all your data, from customer behaviour to supplier usage
  • Create useful reports at the click of a button
  • Analyse key KPIs
  • Use your data to gain an advantage 
DataSenseLight Upgrade to Premium
Instant Visual Reportingtick-32tick-32
Pie Chartstick-32tick-32
Line Chartstick-32tick-32
Bar Chartstick-32tick-32
Top 5 Bottom 5 accountstick-32
Advanced trend reportstick-32
Report on all data setstick-32
Save reportstick-32
DataSense dashboardstick-32
Unlimited date rangetick-32
Advanced data comparisontick-32
Time comparisontick-32

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