NetCourier Version 8 is here!

NetCourier Version 8 delivers new features for Sameday couriers, making NetCourier the true Multi-Service courier software platform, with International, Overnight and Sameday courier functionality.  

NetCourier Version 8 is a response to an industry that is changing rapidly with huge pressure from e-commerce delivery, widespread consolidation of smaller delivery companies, and a growing pressure from customers who demand better and better service year on year. To achieve this you will need a courier software supplier who can do it all.

It is becoming increasingly important for courier companies to do more to stay competitive. From the tools you use to optimise efficiency, to the way you interact with their customers and the services you provide. We see more and more companies moving from specialist areas of the courier industry, towards becoming multi-service couriers.

  • Driver Mapping: View all your drivers on a map and allocate jobs to the nearest driver. 
  • Mobile applications: Use our driver app to track driver’s locations. It also provides an easy way to allocate jobs and apply tracking.
  • Distance based pricing: Charge by the mile for sameday jobs using NetCourier’s google maps distance calculator.
  • Sameday controller functionality: NetCourier’s new controller functionality gives controllers a range of HOTKEYS for fast allocation.
  • Sameday multidrop features: NetCourier can now handle multi-drop bookings which can allocate multiple drops for a single driver
  • Driver payment and invoice: NetCourier now keeps track of what you owe your drivers on each and every job  

We have added new integrations 

  • GO! express logistics has also been added to the portfolio of  NetCourier suppliers. Booking is now available in the back office and client portal. Go are an overnight express supplier throughout Germany, providing courier and direct deliveries in your region, express shipment worldwide, along with a host of tailored solutions for your shipping needs. Go! Operate in the areas of warehousing, high-availability logistics, roll-out/roll-back, hazardous freight transports, etc.
  • DX secure and DX freight and DX courier services have been added to our long list of carrier integrations. DX secure jobs can now be made through the NetCourier back office, and through the client booking portal by your customers.  
  • Norsk integration has also been added to NetCourier, providing a new wholesaler option for NetCourier users. Book yourself, or give your customer’s the ability to select and book Norsk services though NetCourier.

Introducing Quickship

Anything that makes booking easier for your customers will make them happier and keep them booking with you again and again. Quickship is Metafour’s new standalone application that provides yet another way of getting data into NetCourier.

Quickship is an installable tool that will scan a directory for a job file, book it with the configured system and print a label. It will accept .csv files that are in the job Import format and book them automatically using a background process. Quickship will also auto-update so there’s no wait for a new release for improvements.  

This is the perfect application for customers who can’t fully integrate, but still need assistance with bulk bookings.

NetCourier Shipping API

NetCourier’s new API unlocks a range of options and allows for easier collaboration between NetCourier and partner software solutions. The NetCourier API allows users to develop an IT infrastructure with NetCourier at its core, easily sending data into the NetCourier order management system from a range of third-party platforms for a seamless supply chain.

  • Create a central, seamless supply chain by integrating multiple solutions into one central system
  • Create rules that allow the system to place the order with the best carrier for the type of consignment
  • NetCourier can integrate to eCommerce platforms and WMS and storage systems for fulfilment.
  • 2 way API means that NetCourier can receive data, but also send back tracking

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“Metafour continually listen to our demands and develop the enhancements that allow us to keep improving our product and services in today’s marketplace.” Lisa McManus

Director, Nexus International Logistics

“We are pleased with our association with Metafour, and the strength of the on-going partnership that continues to produce results.” James Timberlake

Head of Marketing, The DX Group

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