NetCourier V7
Grow Your Business With NetCourier V7
  • Searching new addresses is now 100% faster
  • 60% improved efficiency on import tasks
  • Focus on growing your business


The NetCourier experience, taken even further.  V7 is the intuitive, advanced, intelligent and secure courier management system.

NetCourier V7 delivers refinements at every level. From the speed of accessing data, to the foundation of the system. V7 will be rolled out as a part of NetCourier’s regular upgrade cycle, NetCourier users benefit from regular upgrades every 6 weeks which include new and improved features.

V7 Includes:

  • Fully integrated reporting: V7 comes with new NetCourier DataSense, an integrated visual reporting tool designed for logistics.
  • Increased operating speed: Searching new addresses is now 100% faster with V7.
  • Learning to fit the way you work: Teach NetCourier new import formats to improve efficiency.
  • Improving customer experience: V7 includes NetCourier Customer Portal, the leading online customer booking Portal.
  • Improved multi-tasking:  V7 allows you to continue working on other things while it completes complex tasks.
  • Google maps integration: V7 comes with an integration to Google maps for route planning and distance based pricing.

V7 introduces DataSense, The integrated reporting tools designed for Courier and Logistics organisations

Consider the benefits of using all the data in your courier management system to pass on value to your customers. Our granular reporting tools provide insights into key business areas, giving you the information you need to make accurate decisions and maximise your profits on every delivery.


  • Leverage your relationships with suppliers with better awareness of your usage
  • Improve the products and services you offer with a better understanding of customer behaviour
  • Present performance data on key business areas and win the right customers
  • Identify customer usage trends so you can sell the right products at the right time
  • Track staff productivity and service levels over time to help you improve your service
  • Identify historical seasonal trends to help you anticipate the future

Version 7 allows a higher level of multitasking.

No more waiting for job uploads to complete uploading before moving onto the next task. V7 allows you to continue working on other things while keeping you informed of progress with an upload progress bar. And even better, you can work of the % of jobs that have uploaded while you wait for the rest of the file to finish uploading. V7 makes working with uploads up to 60% more efficient.


Huge time saving on file reformatting

You can now teach NetCourier how to work with you. Create and save custom field maps for importing sales invoices.  Once saved, NetCourier will know how to read that format every time. Once, set up this feature will save you valuable time you would have spent reformatting files for import.

You can now also tell NetCourier your preferences preference labels. Tell NetCourier your first second and even third choice of label format and it will prioritise the format when more than one choice is on offer.


  • 100% faster when searching adresses
  • 60% more efficient on uploads
  • Improved multi-tasking
  • Upload multiple product types at once
  • Progress bars keep you informed while you work
NetCourier V7

Integrated Google maps for Distance based pricing

With NetCourier you can now charge by the mile for same day delivery. NetCourier now has its own integration to Google maps, which calculates distance and best route for your delivery. Customers can now click the google maps icon in Client Portal to see the probable route the delivery will take.


  • Allocate per mile rates to different vehicle types
  • Increase visibility for customers giving them peace of mind
  • Uses Googles advanced mapping service
“Metafour continually listen to our demands and develop the enhancements that allow us to keep improving our product and services in today’s marketplace.” Lisa McManus

Director, Nexus International Logistics

“We are pleased with our association with Metafour, and the strength of the on-going partnership that continues to produce results.” James Timberlake

Head of Marketing, The DX Group

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