Nexus International Logistics Case Study


“Metafour continually listen to our demands and develop the enhancements that allow us to keep improving our product and services in today’s marketplace”

Lisa McManus, Director, Nexus

International courier, Overnight courier, and Same day Courie


Nexus is a unique supplier management provider of all essential back office services. Their services include Pick and Pack, International courier, UK Overnight courier, and Same day Courier solutions, Document Storage and all other post room functions. Nexus also offer a fully managed online comparison platform allowing customers to match global shipments with the ideal service based on price or efficiency to streamline their international courier needs. Metafour and Nexus have had a mutually beneficial partnership, driving new software development while providing solutions to Nexus’ unique requirements

Metafour’s solution:

  • Nexus is customer driven and places emphasis on improving their customer’s user experience. To help Nexus achieve this goal Metafour supplied Nexus with the complete NetCourier system to manage all their management needs, including NetCourier Client-Online to provide them with an online booking facility, making booking with Nexus quicker and easier.
  • Metafour customised all documentation from confirmations and PODs, to invoices and manifests, making documentation more suited to Nexus’ specific requirements.
  • Metafour worked with Nexus to simplify their online tracking screen to show only relevant information. This makes it easier for Nexus clients to access important delivery information through Client Online.
  • Nexus also use the NetCourier mobile application which has been customised to fit Nexus’ own brand image. Up to date booking history and tracking status reports can now be accessed through any compatible smartphone handset. This app is supported by Android, and Apple OS. 
  • Metafour provided integrations with Fedex, DHL and APC, allowing Nexus to make bookings directly to these supplier’s systems. This has cut out the need for double entry of important data, minimises human error and saving valuable time. Tracking and POD information from these bookings is automatically updated in NetCourier.
  • UK Postcode lookup is also used by Nexus and their clients. Their courier software is linked to an external postcode database from which addresses can be searched. This eliminates the need for re-entering existing addresses, minimising the chance of human error, and saving the user time. Once an address has been selected, it is saved and can then be selected from a drop down menu in the future.


Nexus and Metafour have worked together to achieve Nexus’ goal of creating an efficient and intuitive customer experience. Metafour have deployed a number of courier software solutions to help them realise this goal. We will continue to work alongside Nexus to help them grow and develop, meeting their unique needs with courier software innovation.

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