Pricing - Metafour Logistics

Only pay for the features you need. For a low capital investment, our products have everything you would expect from a modern courier software solution, reliability, security and universal browser access. It is vital that the benefits of using our courier systems increases along with the productivity, and efficiency of your business. We are committed to pricing that fits your business and which ensures a measurable return on investment for all users.

This is why the NetCourier system is charged at a simple “volume band” price model which reflects your monthly usage. NetCourier is designed to be scalable and actually gets cheaper the more you ship.

Our courier systems are modular which means that you just pay for the features you need.

FeatureIncluded in Standard ProductAdditional Modules
Online customer portaltick-32
Powerful courier management systemtick-32
Unlimited userstick-32
Regular software upgrades tick-32
Secure hostingtick-32
System supporttick-32
Product training tick-32
DataSense Lighttick-32
Integration to third party supplierstick-32
Postcode lookuptick-32
Task managertick-32
Customer mobile apptick-32
Driver mobile apptick-32
Rugged scanning hardwaretick-32
DataSense Premiumtick-32
Delivery agent Logintick-32
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