Shell Case Study


“Metafours corporate mailroom systems have improved the efficiency of our operations by as much as 80%.”

Michael Birkett, Mailroom Management



The Shell Centre, based on London’s South Bank, is one of Royal Dutch Shell’s largest European offices. The building is divided into twenty-seven elevated and three subterranean floors and houses approximately 4000 employ-ees in departments including finance, human resources and marketing. Shell has a vast quantity of both incoming and out-going consignments. Prior to their current arrangement, Shell’s corporate mailroom was managed using various in-house and ad-hoc supplier based mailroom systems.


Shell’s mailroom required a system that would be able to offer the following functionality:

  • A consolidated, central system that could efficiently manage all the mailroom requirements of a busy corporate environment with multiple departments.
  • The entry and booking of jobs using a single integrated interface linked to all the relevant suppliers.
  • Manage all outgoing and incoming mail (both documents and non-documents) for each department.
  • A system that offers flexibility and adaptability with-out sacrificing usability and simplicity.
  • A means through which both outgoing and incoming shipments could be logged and tracked from end to end with Proof of Delivery.
  • The ability to book both domestic and international jobs, and to differentiate and process information about different destinations (i.e. customs regula-tions, prices and so forth).
  • A fully supported system that is delivered with com-prehensive training, on-going maintenance and fu-ture upgrades


In response to Shell’s requirements Metafour deployed NetCourier corporate mailroom software specifically adapted to suit the requirements of a busy corporate mailroom environment.

Metafour Deployed:

  • The Client Online interface: This allows Shell’s staff to enter necessary booking information via a single integrated sys-tem for all outbound consignments
  • Supplier interface integration: This eliminates the need for the entry of information into multiple systems, therefore re-ducing labour costs whilst increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the process
  • NetCourier mailroom softare produces a unique identification number for each job which is linked with the supplier’s House Airway Bill Number, allowing for up-to-date tracking of all outbound jobs
  • NetCourier offers a powerful search facility which allows Shell to store and review all previous jobs
  • Proof of Delivery and tracking via HAWB, unique reference or name. This is essential to the operations of the mailroom ensuring that all jobs are managed from end to end. The supplier integration facility allows users to track jobs via Client Online
  • The ability to differentiate between national and international jobs, whilst displaying and attaching the appropriate in-formation to jobs depending upon their desired destination zone
  • The flexibility to tailor data entry options. For example the mailroom can choose to ensure that certain address fields are compulsory when the user is entering data
  • Incoming mail management. Any incoming mail is logged, registered and delivered to the appropriate member of staff. This information is gathered and delivered via the mCourier handheld system
  • Various report production facilities are now available to the mail management team. These range from billing reports and supplier invoicing to end of the month efficiency reports all of which can be exported for use with programmes such as SAGE and Microsoft Excel
  • NetCourier for Corporates is delivered with full training and Software as a Service including continued support and product development
  • The Shell management team have access to Metafour’s Online Help Desk allowing them to log all system and training queries for the attention of our support and development staff


The mailroom management team have expressed a high level of enthusiasm for NetCourier, stating that the system has improved the manageability and efficiency of the mailroom whilst reducing lost opportunity costs.

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